About Us

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Integrative Bodywork is a peaceful place for rejuvenation and healing that has provided the Rochester, NY community with a professional, caring approach to massage, bodywork therapies, and healing since 1983. We are located at 625 Panorama Trail, Bld 2, Ste 190, Rochester, NY 14625. Bob and Sarah Brown are licensed massage therapists trained in a number of effective therapies. They share a unique ability to offer a blend of healing modalities, which they tailor to suit each client’s needs.

Integrative Bodywork offers an atmosphere of peace and acceptance that allows you to connect with a quieter, deeper part of yourself – a part that may tend to get lost in the confusion of daily life. We approach our work with presence of mind, a readiness to listen, and, most importantly, a sincere wish for your well-being. We believe you will leave feeling more integrated and whole, having received touch that met your needs.our peaceful massage room

Our services include: Massage Therapy, Rosen Method Bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reiki and Energy Work, and Pregnancy Massage. Sessions can involve just one of these modalities or include a combination, except for Rosen which is done alone. We offer Massage with or without Aroma Therapy (with high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils). We also offer classes: Couples Massage instruction and a weekly Rosen Movement class.

Disclaimer: As Massage Therapists, we do not diagnose or claim to treat or cure any diseases or afflictions. For the diagnosis and/or treatment of specific medical conditions, we advise you to consult your physician.