Rosen Method Bodywork

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“Rosen sessions with Sarah have been a deeply healing experience for mind, body, and spirit that has greatly enriched my life.” – Mary H.
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Rosen Method uses gentle attentive touch, coupled with dialogue to focus on the places in the body where muscles are chronically tight. The therapist approaches the work aiming to create a safe and supportive atmosphere for the client to drop into their experience of the moment. It is a participatory process for both, engaging together in an exploration that leads to the release of muscular holdings. For the person on the table there can be a profound sense of being received as one is. Muscles begin to soften and the breath deepens and lets go.

This process of gentle touch and dialogue allows the client to begin to recognize feelings that have been held down by unconscious muscle tension. Through ongoing sessions, old patterns and attitudes created from early formative experiences become visible. This can be a truly healing and transformative process that can lead to greater self -awareness and new insights.

With this shift in perspective clients may experience a new sense of aliveness, ease, lightness and freedom from chronic pain and old beliefs. Many people find a clarity emerging about their life direction and goals and feel more able to make decisions that improve the quality of their lives. As chronic holdings let go, pain can be replaced by vitality and well-being.
Sarah Brown is a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner.

Rosen Method Bodywork
• Deepens physical and emotional awareness
• Relaxes muscle tension and chronic muscular holding
• Increases flexibility and vitality
• Allows breathing to relax and deepen
• Brings new insights allowing a more authentic experience of life
• Complements other therapeutic modalities

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