Health Practitioners in Related Fields

Ethan Borg.  Acupuncture:

Peter Kladstrup D.C.  Chiropractic & Nutrition – Fairport:  585-425-3626

Rochester Somatics, Carol Kerner. (Hanna Somatic Education neuromuscular education and movement):


Health Resources

Bruno Groening Circle of Friends (a worldwide spiritual healing community). Medically verifiable:

Bodhi Tree Yoga: ,

Dentably.  Committed to providing access to excellent dentists throughout N.Y. who are specially trained to care for patients with additional needs:


Centers for Inner Work

The Gurdjieff Work:

Dharma Refuge (Buddhist meditation community):

Springwater Center for Meditative Inquiry and Retreats:



Coaching with Ron Mitchell, MSW:


Graphic Design & Photographic Illustration: