Reiki and Energy Work

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“[Energy healing sessions with Sarah allow] me to open and process my inner experience within a profoundly supportive and trustworthy atmosphere.” -Kathleen F.
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Energy work is a broad term that denotes various approaches that involve the use of the life force energy for healing. Reiki is one form of energy work. It is a gentle method of touch therapy that works directly with the blocks in body-mind energy in order to maintain the free-flow and balance of that energy. It is normally done on a massage table with the recipient fully clothed.

Reiki has Japanese origins but has become widely practiced in the West. Both Bob and Sarah have been trained in Reiki and several other energy-healing modalities as well.

If Reiki and Energy Work interests you, Rosen Method Bodywork or CranioSacral Therapy may interest you as well.
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