Massage Instruction for Couples

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With Massage Instruction for Couples, we offer partners the opportunity to learn how to give each other a massage that addresses the common areas of tension using strokes and techniques that are effective and easy to learn. This is done on an individual (couples) basis on a massage table in the comfort of our office. Each person has a chance to give and receive with one-to-one support in the process of learning. It almost always proves to be a wonderful relationship-enhancing experience.

“My wife and I continue to practice massage at home and use it often as a way to connect to each other in a very meaningful way.” -Andy W.
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Many people have had the experience of asking for massage from their partner. Although the partner may have been willing, often the touch given was either too light or too firm or in some way did not address the needs of the one who asked. The kind of instruction we offer gives couples a chance to learn how to give massage in a way that feels good and provides relief. In this setting couples can give and receive feedback and with the help of the instructor, learn how to use the hands effectively. We provide each couple with printed guidelines and a massage routine to take home.

We bring to our massage instruction the same values and intentions we bring to our private sessions with clients. In this vein we are conveying not just the techniques of massage but a way of bringing a caring, attentive presence to this process. In a supportive way we endeavor to encourage and help each person be at ease in their own body as they are massaging their partner, with the awareness that to give, one must first attend to oneself.

Some couples come for a single private class. Others choose to do a series of classes. We offer package pricing for the series.

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