Myofascial Release

myofascial release practice

Myofascial Release: the name says it all. The body’s soft connective tissues are a complex system that ties together just about all structures in the body: muscles, organs, bones, nerves. Myofascial Release is directed primarily at the layers of connective tissues separating the bundles of muscle fibers.

“Bob has a terrific talent for feeling out muscle tensions and then working on them with deep tissue massage. His consistent high quality in a low key environment has kept me a loyal client for years.” — Sam
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Connective tissues can become tense and contracted just as muscles can, with resulting soreness and limitations of movement, as well as distortions in posture. Whereas Massage Therapy is aimed at releasing the muscles per se, Myofascial Release is aimed at releasing the connective tissue locally through the application of specific stretching and moving manipulations. Often it is the “missing piece” to muscle-related therapy.

If Myofascial Release interests you, Massage Therapy or CranioSacral Therapy may, as well.
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