flowers Massage

“I’ve been seeing Bob for over 10 years on a monthly basis for deep-tissue massages.  I’ve always been extremely pleased with the massages I get, which is why I’ve been with him so long. Often I’ll arrive for my appointment with a couple of areas on my body that need special attention due to a tightness or soreness being present there.  Bob will give those specific areas some extra attention while still doing a thorough total body massage over the hour session.  I always leave the office feeling great all over and totally relaxed.  I like having soft music played while having a massage and I sometimes have to resist nodding off.  Getting a massage from Bob is a wonderful experience and I whole-heartedly recommend him.” – Gary B.

“I have been a client of Sarah’s for many years. Sarah listens, and intuitively responds to my needs both spoken and unspoken. Sarah truly has a gifted touch – both powerful and subtle, strong and yet gentle, it is truly addictive to be on the receiving end of those well-trained hands! She is also a genuinely warm and caring person…”
 – Jennifer J.

“Bob has a real gift in his ability to deliver such soothing, stress releasing massage therapy. I arrived for my massage yesterday full of tension in my shoulders and neck , and by the end of the session I had all that pressure melt away. I feel great today and I have Bob to thank for it”. 
 – John C.

“The things I like best about Sarah’s approach to massage are her ability to induce deep relaxation and her versatility –her work can energize, relax, educate, or heal as needed. I’ve been a regular and very satisfied client for many years.”
 – Richard S.

“Bob has a terrific talent for feeling out muscle tensions and then working on them with deep tissue massage. His consistent high quality in a low key environment has kept me a loyal client for years.” 
- Sam

“Sarah’s touch comes from her heart and provides healing for your body, heart and spirit”.  
- Ellendeer B.

“Hmmmm — could my good health and getting monthly massages from Bob for 16 years be only a coincidence???” – Heidi

“For years I have been telling my husband that all I want for Christmas is gift certificates for massages from Sarah. Looking forward to one of her massages can carry me through a tough week and she makes me feel great for days. And my husband gets the message – he loves her massages too!” – 
Ann M.

“Sarah has been a gift to me in her caring and gentle process of providing massages over the past year. Her skills and attitude are exceptional. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking the comfort of a wonderful massage.” – Ed V.


Rosen Method Bodywork

“Rosen work with Sarah has been instrumental in getting in touch with ways I hold tension that I couldn’t have perceived on my own. The gentle ,responsive contact shows me where I resist in very subtle ways as well as the emotional issues the muscular holding is connected with. It’s also wonderfully nurturing work. In the sessions, I feel a sense of safety, deep acceptance, and an opportunity to look inside and come to a place of more relaxation and peace.” – Carol K.

“Rosen sessions with Sarah have been a great venue for deepening my own process of self discovery.  Sarah’s gentle, patient, non-judging presence facilitates my willingness to open to whatever unfolds from within.  I greatly value the time devoted to this work, and I am grateful for having a trusted ally in the journey.” – A.B.

“Rosen is the gift that keeps on giving. I have been helped to know my body and my self better through Rosen sessions with Sarah.  After multiple sessions I have felt/continue to feel more connected to and understanding of what is happening in my body.  My health has improved exponentially and when something arises, I readily access my own deep inner knowing—this is a direct and most valuable, appreciated benefit of Rosen.  Really, I cannot say enough about it!  I highly recommend it.” – Barbara G.

“When I was a new mother, I remember the joy of holding my newborn daughter in my arms while she slept.  It felt that we melted into each other.  There was a complete sense of trust and surrender with no expectations for anything in return.  That has been my experience of doing Rosen work with Sarah for the past many years.  Her touch seems to release a deep sense of ease that opens connection and invites deep listening.  It has been a deeply healing experience for mind, body, and spirit that has greatly enriched my life.” – Mary H.

“Since I have integrated Rosen Bodywork with my main spiritual practice, I’ve noticed how truly valuable conscious touch and talk is in guiding the knowing of myself at deeper and deeper levels.  Sarah has a depth of understanding and presence that goes beyond words. If you are sincere in your journey of awakening, and even if you are already devoted to a particular path as I am, you will be amazed at how this work with Sarah can assist you in your emotional and spiritual growth.” - Scott V.


Myofascial Release

“I live out of town and came in for an emergency visit because I was in so much leg and hip pain I could hardly walk. Bob was kind enough to fit me into his schedule. He quickly diagnosed the problem. Within 15 minutes I was back on my feet with much less pain. I am totally impressed!! His training and experience really shows. I highly recommend Bob.” — Nancy M.


Energy Healing

“Working with Sarah Brown in energy healing allows me to open and process my inner experience within a profoundly supportive and trustworthy atmosphere.  This work leads to deeply understanding and releasing the layers of issues that often have their origins in childhood and are no longer needed or relevant in my life.  I’m so grateful to Sarah for her gentle and understanding presence.” – Kathleen F.


Couples Massage Instruction

“I had always been something of a klutz when it came to massage. Sometimes I’d try to give my wife a shoulder rub at the end of a long day and after a few seconds, she’d yell “ouch!” and ask me to stop. As a Christmas present, I signed us up for a couples massage class so I could learn some actual techniques. Sarah is an incredible teacher — very knowledgeable, professional, and patient. She not only taught me effective strokes and movements for massage, but also helped me to develop the mindset to be able to use massage as a healing therapy. My wife and I continue to practice massage at home and use it often as a way to connect to each other in a very meaningful way.” – Andy W.


Rosen Movement Classes

“I enjoy the slow, conscious, isolated movements that quiet me down and increase my awareness. My joints feel more lubricated when I do Rosen Movement on regular basis. When I first started attending classes and I had a week or so without a class I felt the difference. After attending classes for over a year I really miss it when a week goes by without a class but my body holds the lubricated feeling much longer. I feel more joyful and expressive after class. I find I have become light hearted in the part of the class where we move in pairs. This light heartedness carries into other aspects of my life.” - Karen D.